Solos Flamencos: Play Solo Flamenco Guitar por Juan Martin

Solos Flamencos: Play Solo Flamenco Guitar
Titulo del libro : Solos Flamencos: Play Solo Flamenco Guitar
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 17, 2002
Autor : Juan Martin
Número de páginas : 160
ISBN : 0786664584
Editor : Mel Bay Publications,U.S.

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Juan Martin con Solos Flamencos: Play Solo Flamenco Guitar


Designed as a comprehensive multimedia teaching set, this book, CD, and DVD present 42 solos, progressively graded in 6 levels from absolute beginners to more advanced, to suit players of all levels.

It contains examples of eighteen different palos (rhythmic forms) of flamenco, with a wealth of melodic falsetas and rhythms. The music for all these is accurately written in notation and flamenco tab (cifra) in the book, and is also recorded on the companion CD. The DVD video contains over 57 minutes of solo music, and also includes introduction by Juan Martin and brief scenes of Andalucia today, which help to place this profoundly exciting and deeply felt music in the landscape of its origins.

Juan Martin has succeeded here is showing how even music which is simple and very easy to start with can express the essential sound and emotion of flamenco, to build step by step the skills necessary for the performance of concert solos. Written in English and Spanish.